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Mar 04, 2015
Genes & Development
We performed a genome-scale shRNA screen for modulators of B-cell leukemia progression in vivo. Results from this work revealed dramatic distinctions between the relative effects of shRNAs on the growth of tumor cells in culture versus in their native microenvironment. Specifically, we identified many "context-specific" regulators of leukemia development. These included the gene encoding the zinc finger protein Phf6. While inactivating mutations in PHF6 are commonly observed in human myeloid and T-cell malignancies, we found that Phf6 suppression in B-cell malignancies impairs tumor progression. Thus, Phf6 is a "lineage-specific" cancer gene that plays opposing roles in developmentally distinct hematopoietic malignancies. © 2015 Meacham et al.; Published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

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