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Mar 25, 2014
International Journal Of Systematic And Evolutionary Microbiology
Based on a nomenclatural point of view, the name Rhodococcus equi is associated, as required by the Bacteriological Code, with a defined position, rank and circumscription. A search of the literature indicates that the name Rhodococcus equi (Magnusson 1923) Goodfellow and Alderson 1977 has also been shown to be a synonym of Corynebacterium equi Magnusson 1923, Corynebacterium hoagii (Morse 1912) Eberson 1918 and Nocardia restricta (Turfitt 1944) McClung 1974. Application of the rules of the Bacteriological Code together with the currently inferred taxonomic concept associated with the species bearing the name Rhodococcus equi indicates that this is not the correct name of this taxon and the use of that name in the context of a circumscription that includes the type strain of the species Corynebacterium hoagii is contrary to the Rules of the Code.

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