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Jan 11, 2019
Nucleic Acids Research
The SCOPe (Structural Classification of Proteins-extended, database hierarchically classifies domains from the majority of proteins of known structure according to their structural and evolutionary relationships. SCOPe also incorporates and updates the ASTRAL compendium, which provides multiple databases and tools to aid in the analysis of the sequences and structures of proteins classified in SCOPe. Protein structures are classified using a combination of manual curation and highly precise automated methods. In the current release of SCOPe, 2.07, we have focused our manual curation efforts on larger protein structures, including the spliceosome, proteasome and RNA polymerase I, as well as many other Pfam families that had not previously been classified. Domains from these large protein complexes are distinctive in several ways: novel non-globular folds are more common, and domains from previously observed protein families often have N- or C-terminal extensions that were disordered or not present in previous structures. The current monthly release update, SCOPe 2.07-2018-10-18, classifies 90 992 PDB entries (about two thirds of PDB entries).

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