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May 27, 1983
Although recombination cannot increase under conditions of random mating or complete selfing in regimes of constant selection, with mixed random mating and selfing, selection for increased recombination can occur. For some fitness regimes there may be selection for reduced recombination with both low and high degrees of selfing but selection for increased recombination with moderate degrees of selfing. With some fitness regimes there is a historical effect: depending on which equilibrium a population starts from, there may be selection for either increased or decreased recombination. In other cases the direction of selection may be determined by the present state of individuals within the population. If recombination is already fairly limited, there may be selection for further reduction. If recombination is already fairly frequent, there may be selection for increased recombination. For certain symmetric viability systems there may be an intermediate value of the recombination fraction between 0 and 0.5 toward which the population will evolve. Although it is not yet possible to classify precisely those fitness matrices that can exhibit selection for increased recombination, it does appear that selection for increased recombination can occur only if at least two of the double homozygotes are less fit than would be expected on the basis of a comparison of the fitnesses of the single and double heterozygotes on an additive scale.

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