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Sep 09, 2015
Zhejiang Da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban = Journal Of Zhejiang University. Medical Sciences
OBJECTIVE: To establish a model of chondrocyte degeneration in vitro. METHODS: Chondrocytes were isolated from articular cartilages of newly born SD rats by digestion with typeⅡ collagenase. The chondrocytes were cultured with H-DMEM medium containing 10%FBS, 50 ng/mL IL-1β+10%FBS, 2.5% rat serum and 5% rat serum, respectively; and the chondrocytes at passage one were used in the experiments. The morphology changes were investigated under phase contrast microscope after chondrocytes were treated with rat serum and IL-1β. Proliferation of chondrocytes was detected by MTT method. The protein expression levels of PCNA, typeⅡ collagen and MMP-13 were examined by Western blotting. The levels of ADAMTS5, MMP-9, Aggrecan and SOX-9 mRNA were detected by real-time PCR. RESULTS: The cell morphology was changed from polygon to spindle in both rat serum groups and IL-1β group, and the proliferation of chondrocytes in these groups was much higher than that in control group. The results showed that the expression levels of typeⅡ collagen, Aggrecan and SOX-9 decreased while the expression levels of MMP-13, MMP-9 and ADMATS5 were up-regulated in rat serum and IL-1β-treated groups compared with control group. CONCLUSION: The results indicate that rat serum can induce chondrocyte degeneration and may be used for osteoarthritis model in vitro.

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