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PubPeer comments on PubChase

  We are very excited to announce that PubChase articles will now link to PubPeer comments. ((With the “pub” in both names, it was only a matter of time before we would connect.)) PubPeer is an online journal club, and PubChase users will now automatically get alerts on new discussions of papers in their libraries. As we already wrote, this is part of our philosophy that knowledge should come to you. Instead of laborious searches or random collision with information - new papers, corrections, discussions, and retractions should find you. However, today’s announcement is not just about alert notifications; it is a step towards transforming science communication. Much of the way we do our science and communicate the results is stuck in the 18th or even 17th century. The mission of ZappyLab, the company behind PubChase, is to use technology to fundamentally shift how science knowledge is shared and how it reaches the researchers who need it. This is why we are building This is why we built PubChase, and from the very beginning, two years ago, we envisioned PubChase as a platform that would promote post-publication discussion (see our essay forum). That is why we are so happy to make use of PubPeer’s free API to facilitate post-publication commenting. As we wrote a week ago, the current pre-publication peer review system is deeply broken, and we see PubPeer as one of the key developments in restructuring the publishing system. We will do our best to promote constructive comments on PubPeer. We believe it will become the central point for post-publication discussion, with the main consequence of this dialogue being not retractions but improved quality of manuscripts and improved understanding of the published work.