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Jonathan Eisen
« The recommendations are spot on.. »Read more
Jonathan Eisen   Professor, UC Davis.  6,383 articles in library
« My favorite feature of PubChase is the weekly recommendations e-mail. Now I don't have to worry about missing papers because I'm not using the correct keywords in my searches, or because I'm not subscribed to enough RSS feeds!. »
Sarah Bissonnette   Postdoc, UC Berkeley.  844 articles in library
Sarah Bissonnette
Robin Friedman
« After using PubChase for a few months, I've stopped using NCBI alerts and scanning most journal indexes. PubChase finds the papers I'm interested in faster, as well as other relevant papers I never would have found otherwise.. »
Robin Friedman   Postdoc, Institut Pasteur.  1,066 articles in library
« The PubChase weekly recommendations are great! The papers are always consistent with my thesis topic, and it's convenient to get them listed all in one email at the beginning of the week.. »
Aisha Elahi   Student, UC Berkeley.  360 articles in library
Aisha Elahi
Fred Winston
« I am getting relevant recommendations. In fact I'm getting some that I'm not getting through either my Pubmed or Pubcrawler recommendations.. »
Fred Winston   Professor, Harvard University.  947 articles in library
« I'm loving the Pubchase recommendations! With a diverse set of research interests (protein evolution, behavioral neuroscience, infectious disease) it's a pain to have multiple searches going through Pubmed and often returning more than 50% irrelevant hits. I'm not sure how Pubchase does it but almost all of their recommendations are pertinent to my unusual array of research topics.. »
Wendy Ingram   Student, UC Berkeley.  626 articles in library
Wendy Ingram
Kresimir Josic
« Thanks for developing the app - I have been using it weekly.. »
Kresimir Josic   Professor, University of Houston  2,447 articles in library
« Just looked at my recommendations and they are fantastic! My only problem is that these articles were all so relevant and interesting, that I am now feeling like I will never be able to keep up with research!. »
Mansi Srivastava   Postdoc, Whitehead Institute.  542 articles in library
Mansi Srivastava
Peter Combs
« I’ve been happily using PubChase for the last few months, and it’s actually helped turn up useful papers that following the RSS feeds of a dozen or so journals didn’t. I’ve actually now significantly pared back the list of journals I actively follow, since I’m reasonably confident that worthwhile papers will show up there.. »
Peter Combs   Graduate student, UC Berkeley.  1,899 articles in library
« I’ve been really impressed: nearly every article it has recommended has been relevant to my research.. »
Kelsey Wood   Student, UC Davis.  457 articles in library
Kelsey Wood
Pedro Beltrao
« Got some personalized recommendations and they are really good. This is exactly the sort of tool I was looking for.. »
Pedro Beltrao   Group leader, EMBL-EBI Heidelberg.  582 articles in library
« I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the recommendations I’ve gotten from PubChase. I usually scan through lots of RSS feeds and Pubchase consistently picks out my top choices from that very long list of articles. Pretty soon I may be able to transition to just using PubChase and save myself a lot of time.. »
Angela DePace   Professor, Harvard University.  2,113 articles in library
Angela DePace
Justin Kiggins
« Where did PubChase come from? They're doing the personalized lit search I've been waiting for.. »
Justin Kiggins   Graduate student, Neuroscience, UC San Diego.  928 articles in library
« I am really liking the PubChase recommendations. They seem right on to me.. »
Jasper Rine   Professor, UC Berkeley.  203 articles in library
Jasper Rine
Nathaniel Krefman
« Better than Pubmed!. »
Nathaniel Krefman   Student, UC Berkeley.  150 articles in library
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