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PubPeer comments on PubChase

  We are very excited to announce that PubChase articles will now link to PubPeer comments.1 PubPeer is an online journal club, and PubChase users will now automatically get alerts on new discussions of papers in their libraries. As we … Continue reading

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We Can Fix Peer Review Now

Imagine a software company that solicits user feedback with, “Please let us know what does and does not work in the current release and what you would like to see in the future. However, keep in mind that we will … Continue reading

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What hurts science - rejection of good or acceptance of bad?

Yesterday, Science published a story by John Bohannon about acceptance of a fake and deeply-flawed paper at open access journals, despite peer review. Disturbingly, 157 journals accepted the bogus article and only 98 rejected it. Scientists and some journalists swiftly pointed … Continue reading

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