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PubPeer comments on PubChase

  We are very excited to announce that PubChase articles will now link to PubPeer comments.1 PubPeer is an online journal club, and PubChase users will now automatically get alerts on new discussions of papers in their libraries. As we … Continue reading

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What hurts science - rejection of good or acceptance of bad?

Yesterday, Science published a story by John Bohannon about acceptance of a fake and deeply-flawed paper at open access journals, despite peer review. Disturbingly, 157 journals accepted the bogus article and only 98 rejected it. Scientists and some journalists swiftly pointed … Continue reading

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Lots of Open Access publishers, but how many readers?

When I started graduate school in 2003, PLOS Biology was just about to launch. There was no PLOS One and the fraction of publications in open access (OA) journals was miniscule. It is remarkable what the progress has been – … Continue reading

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What makes a journal important?

The scientific community values citations, and with good reason. But, in other publishing arenas, the evaluation is based on how often the publication is read, not how often it is cited. This is true in traditional publishing with best-seller lists, … Continue reading

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PubChase is now a publisher!

No, do not worry, we are not adding one more drop to the bottomless journal sea (though if you use PubChase to find relevant literature, the number of journals should not matter much). Instead, we are inaugurating a weekly author’s … Continue reading

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Organize And Access Your Research Literature

You can now store for free yor article PDFs, for easy access from anywhere through your PubChase library. You can save up to 300 articles at no cost, with a “pay what you wish” subscription if you need more space. Not … Continue reading

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Access-Oriented Literature Management

There has been a fair amount of backlash in the last few days directed at Mendeley and Elsevier. Some of it coming from open source advocates who hate to see good software contributing to the boycott-worthy Evil Empire of closed-source … Continue reading

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Welcome to PubChase - a search without a search

We have been quietly building PubChase for 9 months now.  It’s so exciting to finally deliver it! In addition to this website, it is available on mobile devices from the iTunes, Google, and Amazon app stores. While we love our … Continue reading

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