Welcome to PubChase - a search without a search

We have been quietly building PubChase for 9 months now.  It’s so exciting to finally deliver it! In addition to this website, it is available on mobile devices from the iTunes, Google, and Amazon app stores.

While we love our apps, the heart of PubChase is not simply a pretty mobile interface to PubMed.  Rather, it is the algorithm enabling you to discover new research articles important to you, no matter where they are published (as opposed to simply scanning tables of contents of high-impact journals, as many of us typically do now).

And by “discover” we don’t just mean searching for an author or a keyword.  We think of PubChase as a “search without a search.”  The machine learning algorithm under the hood makes personalized recommendations based on your particular library.  So you can simply come to this site or open our app and instantly see all the new research that you should know about.

We will soon be adding detailed use-case scenarios for PubChase.  In the meantime, here is a 2-minute overview of the main functionality.

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