PubChase and Mendeley Synchronization

Since October, we have been working with Mendeley to implement synchronization with the users’ PubChase libraries.  In your “library settings” on PubChase, you can now turn on the Mendeley sync. Any article you add to PubChase will show up in your Mendeley library, and vice versa. Also, inside the PubChase setting on our mobile suite Bench Tools, you can sync from your iOS and Android devices.

It may seem like we are just announcing a “button”, but in reality, this is big news for the following reasons:

  •  The synchronization of PubChase and Mendeley means that there is now a completely free system for discovering new biomedical papers, managing them, and then easily citing them while writing a manuscript. You can get our personalized recommendations based on your PubChase/Mendeley library. You can search PubMed in a smarter way, based on your library. And you can do it from  any iOS or Android device (iPad, iPhone, HTC, Kindle…) in addition to the web.

  • In a matter of seconds, Mendeley users can open a free PubChase account, turn on the sync, and start getting personalized recommendations the very next day.

  • The forte of ZappyLab (the company that built PubChase) is mobile and web technology. We have no plans to build citation-management plugins. So, from the beginning, we wanted to make it easy for our users to import their libraries from Mendeley, Papers, Endnote, and other software. However, adding newly recommended papers to your PubChase library means that you then have to export your PubChase library to the other software when writing a paper. The Mendeley sync greatly simplifies this process.

  • Though our Endnote and Papers users keep asking for a similar integration, those tools do not have open APIs, so it is not an option for us. Therefore, we will be focusing our developmental efforts on deeper integration with Mendeley.  Folder organization, and PDF accessibility are the next steps.

*** Keep in mind that this is true synchronization - anything you delete from PubChase will also disappear from your Mendeley library.

*** Because PubChase is for biomedical literature, only articles for which we can find a PubMed id will make it from Mendeley into your PubChase library.

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